I’ve been blogging in various places for nearly a decade, but I’ve never actually hosted my own site, or consolidated all my writing in one place.

But now it’s past time for me to start taking my writing/blogging more seriously.
I want it to be searchable and all in one place, and I want to own my own data.

Thankfully, Github now makes hosting easy, and supports the blogging framework Jekyll.

I always find it nice when people are transparent about their process, so I’ll share mine: it’s taken me about 3-4 days to get Jekyll working and my posts migrated from all my old blogs.

On this site I’ll be aggregating my old posts from Otium, my Posthaven site, Parenting with Evidence, and the now defunct Hourglass Bio.

I’ll cross-promote posts on Twitter (where my handle is @s_r_constantin) and, of course, you can subscribe using RSS.