So, I have again changed jobs — I am now working at Starsky Robotics helping build self-driving trucks!

I’m still interested in biotech, but there are a lot of interesting problems in autonomous vehicles that I’m excited to work on. Also, this job is in San Francisco, unlike my last job, and since I am pregnant, I’d like to work in the same state as my future kid.

The great thing about California is that local laws allow freelancing, so I am once again open for business, to the extent that I have time. If you have a question that could benefit from a personalized literature review, particularly in the biomedical sciences, I can do that, and you can contact me at

Currently my main freelance research project is surveying current experimental avenues for life extension, in cooperation with an investor who’s interested in funding longevity research. I love working on stuff like this, and will be updating this blog with progress.

I’m also going to start seriously preparing to get my cancer research book published, which, I’m told, involves doing your own marketing. I’m going to be looking for opportunities to write shorter articles for magazines/blogs and otherwise get publicity, so if you know of any good venues, please let me know.