For those of you who don’t know, I do freelance research, somewhat similar to the lit review on this blog, for people who want, and I have been persuaded to set up a website where people can buy projects from me.

What I do as a freelancer is very much like what I used to do at MetaMed (at much lower cost to the customer). If you have a medical question, say “I have chronic fatigue syndrome, is there anything that actually works for that?” or “are the chemicals in my rug safe for children?” then I’ll head to the scientific literature, pick out as much relevant information as I can find, and write up a well-referenced, concrete, direct answer, to the best of what my ability and the current state of research can offer.

I can also do this for non-personal questions (my STD stats post is an example of a general-audience overview of a topic) and to some extent to non-medical questions (I’ve dabbled in lit review on social-science topics, though I’m less sure of my footing there.) I also have experience with statistics and data analysis, so where data is available I can do more quantitative analysis.

I am not a doctor; in a medical emergency you should find a professional, not me.

What I _am _useful for is information gathering and synthesis. I can help people with the kind of research this guy did on himself — a medical student with a rare disease who figured out a new treatment that worked on him when the standard of care didn’t.

If this sounds good to you, click on the site and check it out!